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At Central Bank, through Money Concepts Capital Corp., you can make your investment decisions where you make your banking decisions. If you are looking for a variety of options and sound financial advice look to Ken Goss. 




Discount Brokerage

  • In the securities industry, discount brokerage helps you buy and sell securities on the stock exchange and offers you an economical way to execute securities trades.


  • With a Brokerage Account you will have access to a variety of stocks.  A stock in essence is a representation of the amount of a company you own. The stock in a business is divided into shares and are purchased at prices per share. The goal is to choose companies with a potential of capital appreciation.


  • Indebtedness to companies, municipals or government issues at set rates of interest can be purchased within the Brokerage Account. 

Mutual Funds

  • Any Mutual Fund in the supermarket of Mutual Funds can be purchased in your Brokerage Account.  One single Mutual Fund can invest in dozens or even hundreds of stocks and /or bonds and can offer diversification within the Fund.


  • These are insurance contracts that are either interest bearing or invested in variable products such as Mutual Funds or Indexes. They normally would have living benefits as well as death benefits.

Managed Allocation Programs

  • These are Programs we can offer that are professionally managed according to your risk aversion and allocation of varied asset categories.



If any of these sound interesting or you want to know more, stop by and visit with Ken Goss, Registered Representative, inside Central Bank’s Main Bank, or, give Debbie Cantrell a call at 417-532-2151 to set up an appointment time to meet with Ken. You might be surprised at how easy it is to open your investment account at Central Bank.




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