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Our History

Progressive Banking Since 1917

Central Bank wasn't the first bank in Lebanon. It is, however, the banking institution that has stood the test of time longer than any other bank in town. A good part of that longevity is due to the fact that Central Bank has remained home-owned and independent since 1917.

Original Bank in the 1940s Central Bank 2011

Originally it was called the State Savings Bank and was organized in 1917 by I.T. Curry and a group of shareholders. It was located at 116 West Commercial that is across the street and a just a few doors up from where Central Bank's Main Bank is located today. It stayed there for several years before moving to its current location at the corner of Jefferson and Commercial in 1958. By then, I.T.'s son, George Curry who first began working in the bank as a teenager in the mid-1930s, had stepped into a leadership role within the bank.

Although I.T. Curry didn't own the bank when it was founded, he gradually obtained ownership over the years and passed that ownership to his children at his death. Ownership has remained in the Curry family ever since.

In 1967, George Curry, as the bank's owner and president, changed the name to Central Bank and guided it successfully through major growth and expansions. George Curry retired and passed control of Central Bank to his son, Craig Curry, in 1989. The move marked the third generation of the Curry family to guide the destiny of the bank.

Through the years, Central Bank has grown from a small bank in the early 1900s to the largest and oldest home-owned bank in Laclede County. At a time of mega mergers and changes in the business world, we've vowed to stay true to our beliefs and provide our customers with the personal service they've come to expect. While other banks in town have changed owners once or several times, Central Bank has remained a strong, secure and stable financial leader that's been in the Curry family since 1917.

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